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HD 1080p Mini Security Camera

$23.99 USD Precio habitual $35.99

✅ PRODUCT BENEFIT: 1080P HD resolution with Night Vision and Motion Detection, this Wireless Mini Security Camera is the perfect home surveillance solution.
✅ WIRELESS MONITORING: The camera can be connected to WiFi/internet through the APP (only 2.4G is supported, 5G is not supported), allowing you to watch real-time images through the APP no matter where you are. This camera comes with a hotspot, so even when the camera is not connected to WiFi/internet, you can connect to the hotspot via your phone to watch live images within a short distance and record continuously using SD card.
✅ RECORDING WHILE CHARGING SPY CAMERA: This mini spy camera contains a 300mAh battery which can last about 1 hour. Besides, you can plug it to a 10000mAh battery pack (Not included) to record up to 30 hours. WIFI camera also supports 128G SD Card, to ensure it can continuously record. When SD card is full, the newest file will overwrite oldest file. Or get it plugged in to any USB port with output 5V/1A or above to have it work continuously.
✅ NIGHT VISION-MOTION DETECTION: This upgraded camera is equipped with 6 strong IR lights to ensure clear video even in the dark and the motion detection feature activates event notifications when nearby motion is detected, sending you snapshot messages.
✅ 1080P HD: Mini security camera has a 1080P HD lens, a new upgraded sensor digital noise reduction technology, and clearer photos and videos.

Color - Black



-The Mini Security Camera is the perfect home surveillance solution. This mini camera is packed with features to ensure your home is monitored and secure. It has 1080P HD resolution with night vision, motion detection, so you can monitor your home anytime, day or night.
-The camera is easy to install - simply attach the magnetic mount to any wall or flat surface for a discreet and convenient indoor security camera. The Mini is also wireless and connects to your home WiFi network, so you can access the live footage from your iOS or Android device.

Buttons description:
-Press ON/OFF button to turn on, long press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off.
-The blue light is the power indicator. The power is always on. The green light is the WIFI indicator and the red light is the charge indicator.
-The MODE key is the reset button. Press and hold for 5 seconds in the power-on state to restore the factory settings.

-Color: Black
-Resolution Ratio: 1080P / 720P
-Video Format: AVI Video
-Visual Angle: 150 degrees
-Camera Shooting: Straight line 6 --10meters
-Power Source type: Electric 5V-USB cable
-Memory Card Type: Micro SD Card (Maximum support 128GB) (not included)
-Type of Battery: Lithium Battery (included)
-Built in Lithium Battery Capacity: 300mAh
-Recording time: more than 1 hour
-Charging time: 2-3 hours
-Network:The camera only supports 2.4GHz band network
-App Support: Android / iOS

Package Includes:
-WiFi Wireless Camera - 1
- USB cables - 2
- Magnetic bracket - 1
- Instruction manual - 1


Function: Support WiFi, Video, Camera, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Infrared Night Vision, Time Display.<br>
Resolution: 1080P<br>
Frame Number: 30fps<br>
Visual Angle: 90 degree<br>
Recording Range: 10㎡<br>
Interface: MICRO USB Interface

Question: Will the cameras WiFi still connect to my phone if I’m miles away?<br>
Answer: Yes, But you need connect the Camera with your home WiFi first.<br>
Then if you leave home , You can watch the video on your Phone.<br>
Question: I need help.setting up the camera. Do i have yo have a sd card for this to work?<br>
Answer: This have a set up video on the listing , I think that can help you.
If you need record the video , i think you need a micro sd card ,
But if you just need watch the video on your phone. Do not need ...<br>
Question: Is this 5G compatible?<br>
Answer: No, 2.4Ghz,But the video is clear and smooth<br>
Question: can i turn the mic off?<br>
Answer: Yes, You can turn it off on App.<br>
Question: Is this magnetic? Does it need the holster to stay or can you use it without it? Does the wire need to be plug in for it to work?<br>
Answer: They give you a small adhesive metal magnetic disc you can stick on it to make it magnetic. It does not need a holster. You can put it on anything. It does not need to be plugged in and the internal batter can last long time. they also support plugging it in to a power bank or the wall for long(er) term use.<br>