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Discreet Packaging

Your privacy when ordering our products is very important to us, which is why all our deliveries will arrive in discreet packaging with no mention of 'The Spy Store' anywhere on the packaging or the label. This is especially important if you're going to be using our cameras covertly.

  • We won't send anything (other than your order) to your shipping or billing addresses

What will the package look like? 

All orders shipped from our website are white shrink-wrapped or placed in a plain white mailer bag, ensuring that the package will be completely inconspicuous as to what is inside.


What will the label look like? 

We use shipping labels that are issued by our Shipping company YUNEXPRESS without reference to Lizvie's name and do not include invoices or references to the products ordered - These will be automatically emailed to the account name used when the order is placed.