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Security Camera Charger Dock True 2K Pixels with Adjustable 160° Wide-Angle Lens

$159.99 USD Regular price $199.99

✅ 【2-in-1 SMART CAMERA CHARGER】: The security camera charger appears to be an ordinary charging cradle; however, its camera is cleverly concealed beneath a special black glass plate. Wherever you place the camera charging cradle, it effortlessly blends into its surroundings, making it virtually impossible for anyone to detect that it is a camera.
✅ 【Real 2K Pixel Camera】: The LIZVIE Camera Charger features an impressive 2K Ultra HD pixel resolution with a versatile adjustable wide-angle lens spanning 160° from top to bottom. Placing it on the floor allows you to effortlessly observe the entire room, from floor to ceiling, capturing all areas within view. Rest assured, you won't miss any desired location
✅ 【Professional Level Software Control】: Easily connect the camera charger to a WiFi network(AVAILABLE FOR 2.4G/ 5G WIFI), you gain the convenience of remotely accessing live video through the user-friendly 'Lizvie Pro' App. Regardless of your location, you can enjoy real-time viewing of your home and office directly on your phone.
✅ 【Motion Detection and Night Vision】: With the Charger Camera, you'll receive instant APP push notifications and photos on your phone the moment motion is detected, even during nighttime conditions. This allows you to view employees, clients, babysitters, caregivers, babies, and pets effortlessly and at any time.
✅ 【Attentive After-sales Service】: LIZVIE's dedicated service team is here to support you. Should you encounter any questions or issues with this camera, such as difficulties with usage or WiFi connectivity, simply reach out to us via email. Rest assured, we will respond promptly within 24 hours and exert our utmost efforts to assist you in resolving any problems you may face.

If the software does not automatically configure the device, do the following to configure it:

1.Configure Device:

Download APP >> Plug in >> Tap "+" in the upper right corner inside the APP >> Add for the first time >> Select your device >> Tab Step 1 - Connect Camera Wifi (blinking - ***** ) >> Default Password: 0123456789 (Confirm to use this WiFi and keep it connected) >> Return to APP >> Tab Step 2 - "List Camera to APP".

2.Remotely Control :

Setting >> network information >> Select the router SSID you need to add (support 2.4G / 5G WIFI)

Usage Issues

1. watch and download videos directly on the LizviePro App (note that the device will automatically loop);

2. Setting the time zone can be more accurate to ensure more complete video data recording;

3. videos can be downloaded directly from the APP to your phone or played in your APP;

4. To play the video on your computer, you need to use H.264 video converter to extract the SD card video file.

5. We recommend changing the default password of your device to ensure security. If someone visits your home and connects to your home WIFI with LizviePro on their phone, it will automatically synchronize the devices connected to the same WIFI within the APP.

PS: Please remove the lens protection film before use.