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Portable Digital Voice Recorder for Meeting/Learning/Lectures

$39.99 USD Regular price $69.99

✅Simple & Record Clear: just turn it on, and it will capture clear audios with intelligent noise canceling function, named with a timestamp, easy to manage

✅Mini Digital Recorder with Playback: Experience our unique and practical design with the world's thinnest voice-activated recorder to capture important moments in your life, anytime and anywhere.

✅Automatic Voice Activated Recorder: a true voice-operated recorder, the device will automatic recording when a voice is detected, it is up for the job in both continuous and sound-activated recording modes.

✅Lightweight: only 0.5 ounce (15g), is lightweight and easy to use, with just one button to turn on and off. Your reliable partner for daily recording needs.

✅Portable Recorder: ideal for lectures, class, meetings, and interviews. Such a small coin-size recorder is easy to carry in your purse, use at home, office, classroom, car, or at any place you need to capture your valuable vocal message, ideas, and inspiration.


Additional features: 

Voice Recorder Pen

with Noise Reduction

Portable MP3 Player

Voice Activated Recorder

Rechargeable, Recording