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Mini Necklace Voice Recorder Digital Audio Activated Recorder

$29.99 USD Regular price $79.99

✅ Having only 1 buttons, Just push the on/off button , a red led on and then off and the recorder will automatically start recording. there is no visible led during recording.
✅ It is both PC and Mac USB 2.0 Compatible. For playback, please connect the device to your computer USB 2.0 Port.
✅ Ultra small dimensions and very light - Conveniently fits in any pocket or purse for easy access and portability.

  1. Recording format: wav/mp3 (default is wav)
  2. 8GB storage capacity: store up to 90 hours recording files in 192kbps, up to 500 hours in 32kbps
  3. Easy recording: record/save at one button
  4. Fast playback: playback of recording files via headphones/PC/or mobile phone.(OTG Cable not included, you need to purchase OTG cable youself. and pay attention to this: OTG cable should be connected to the cellphone and don't insert the usb 2.0 cable to the cellphone)
  5. Color: Black (Please refer to the picture of "what is in the box" at the bottom of this page)
  6. Material: Zinc ally, very hard and durable
  7. Recording distance of the voice recorder : It depends on the size of the sound we record. Generally speaking , it can record the sound that we can hear
  8. File Transfer: Transfer the recording files to Windows PCs/Macs.

Wearable Voice Recorder

It can be worn as a necklace or as a key ring pendant.

Easy play on computer

please connect the device to computer to copy, save and play the audio file. It is easier. you can also play the recording files via headphones or mobile phone.(OTG Cable not included)

Easy to Operate

Slide it to left, a red led on and then blink 3 times and off---which indicates it is recording; slide it to right to save.

(please charge it before using. Blue led keeps on when fully charged.)