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Keychain Voice Recorder | Portable Mini Audio Recorder with Playback Earphone

$59.99 USD Regular price $69.99

✅ PORTABLE & LONG TIME STANDBY- This high quality recorder is made of high quality zinc alloy for durability and drop resistance,Mini size only(2.7*0.9*0.4in),It can hang with your keys and you can take it with you wherever you want, easy to use and record content anytime,
✅ HD Stereo & DSP Noise Reduction- The recorder has a high-quality recording microphone and intelligent noise reduction function. With DSP recorder acoustic processor and omni-directional 3D microphone, 360° panoramic recording, providing you with a truly clear and natural sound, and can also record without obstacles at a long distance.
✅ One Button Operation & Time Stamp- Switch the switch to "ON" to start recording after about 5 seconds, switch to "OFF" to save the recorder. Each recording file is named after the recording time, and the text file can be modified by the computer to adjust the recording time segment settings, any time from 10 to 240 minutes, a recording is automatically saved at 60 minutes by default, and the file is automatically saved when the power is off.
✅ Voice Activation Mode - When the voice activation function is turned on, the recording device will automatically start recording, which will reduce blank and whisper recordings, and save power and storage space. The voice activation mode can be realized by adjusting the 7-level voice-activated VOR setting through the text file on the computer. The larger the value, the higher the recording sensitivity.
✅ High Quality - Zinc alloy electroplating material, creating a comfortable feel. The mini keychain that can record while charging is the best companion for memos, lectures, meetings, interviews, etc. It is also a wonderful gift for teachers, students, lawyers, writers, etc. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our support team. We are happy to provide lifetime support to all customers.



OTG Function

It come with a Micro-usb adapter, you can transfer and manage the recording files easily via Android phone. Tips: iPhone is not supported.

Voice Activated Sensor

It can capture surrounding sound perfectly no matter how it is put around the area. And it can adjust the sensitivity to sound so that it only records when there are voices around.


Auto Saving

When the battery is low, you don't have to worry about losing any files, the chip will automatically save all your files before the battery runs out.


Please copy the file to the computer desktop for modification, and then copy the finished file to the USB DISK, and delete the original file to the trash.

Product Features:

  • Professional noise reduction
  • One-click recording and saving
  • Automatic low-power saving
  • Support for fast forward and rewind
  • TXT document time setting
  • Support for OTG function
  • Support for multiple languages

Recording Specifications:

  • Format: WAV format
  • Power: 8mA-11mA
  • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
  • Bit Rate: WAV 192kbps

Playback Specifications:

  • Format: MP3, WAV, WMA and other formats
  • Headphone Interface: MICRO-microphone jack stereo headphones
  • USB Interface: MICRO-micro 5P/DC5V-1A

Storage and Dimensions:

  • Storage: 4GB-128GB (optional)
  • Built-in MIC: omnidirectional capacitor MIC
  • Body Weight: about 34g (bare machine)
  • Body Size: about 66.90mm x 23.20mm x 10.20mm


  • Capacity: 160mAh
  • Continuous Working Time: 16 hours of recording, about 7 hours of headphone playback

<h2>Product Features:</h2>
<li>Professional noise reduction</li>
<li>One-click recording and saving</li>
<li>Automatic low-power saving</li>
<li>Support for fast forward and rewind</li>
<li>TXT document time setting</li>
<li>Support for OTG function</li>
<li>Support for multiple languages</li>
<h2>Recording Specifications:</h2>
<li>Format: WAV format</li>
<li>Power: 8mA-11mA</li>
<li>Sampling Rate: 48KHz</li>
<li>Bit Rate: WAV 192kbps</li>
<h2>Playback Specifications:</h2>
<li>Format: MP3, WAV, WMA and other formats</li>
<li>Headphone Interface: MICRO-microphone jack stereo headphones</li>
<li>USB Interface: MICRO-micro 5P/DC5V-1A</li>
<h2>Storage and Dimensions:</h2>
<li>Storage: 4GB-128GB (optional)</li>
<li>Built-in MIC: omnidirectional capacitor MIC</li>
<li>Body Weight: about 34g (bare machine)</li>
<li>Body Size: about 66.90mm x 23.20mm x 10.20mm</li>
<li>Capacity: 160mAh</li>
<li>Continuous Working Time: 16 hours of recording, about 7 hours of headphone playback</li>