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4K UHD Car Key Remote Spy Camera

$139.80 USD Regular price $199.99

✅ An effective invisible camera hides inside this real looking key fob
✅ Up to 4K resolution or 120 FPS
✅ 90 Minutes of Continuous Recording
✅ Simple button-based recording to SD Card (Up to 128GB)



4K UHD Car Key Camera - A Discreet All-in-1 Recording Device 

3840*2160 UHD Video Recording 

The handy audio and video recorder with a 8.0 megapixel IMX 179 SONY sensor with WDR records frames at 120 FPS. The car key camera comes with a built-in audio recorder for synchronised recording of audio and video signals. And not only that, you can photograph or film any scene, and the security camera automatically adjusts white balance

Fast Charging & Light-Weight

The wireless mini camcorder’s 5W fast charging functionality charges the device in less than two hours, so you can spend more time out and about instead of waiting for your camcorder to charge. One charge will last you just about 1.5 hours for continuous video recording.

Item Specifications
Video Resolution 4K25FPS:3840*2160; 2.7K30FPS:2720*1520; 1080P60FPS; 1808P30FPS; 720P120FPS; 720P60FPS
Frames 25fps-120fps
Video Format H.264
Viewing Angle 75 degree
Storage Up to 128GB (Optional Accessories)
Battery Capacity 900mAh
Charging Time About 1.5 hours
Recording Battery Life About 1.5 hours
Charging Voltage/Current DC 5V1A