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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the GPS not responding to my SMS Messages?

This is the biggest obstacle our customers face when setting up their newly purchased GPS Unit. In order to get a response from your GPS and set it up, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  1. Ensure you’ve purchased a MOBILE DEVICE SIM that is activated with an SMS, Call & Data plan with 3GB or more. It is essential that you purchase a SIM with SMS functionality.

  2. Insert the SIM as directed by the device imaging or video content. The right sized SIM inserted the correct way can be heard to ‘click’ into position. Note that if you’re not getting a response you may find success with removing the SIM, turning the device off, reinserting the SIM and turning the device back on and sending the SMS again.

  3. If you’re certain you’ve got the right SIM and selected the correct (SMS compatible) plan and are still not getting responses after activating the SIM, put the SIM into a mobile phone and send an SMS back and forth with another device effectively ‘waking up’ the SIM for use.

  4. If you’re using an iPhone/Apple device, if your SMS/Texts are going through blue in colour then disable iMessage in your settings to properly contact the device.

If you’re still unable to get a response from your device, please contact our customer support team at with your order number, device IMEI/ID, the Mobile Number of the SIM you’ve purchased and the SIM Carrier you’ve chosen. Have the device charged, SIM inserted and then turn the device ON so our team can attempt to remotely troubleshoot your device.

How do I adjust the Timezone of my 3G Portable/Heavy & 4G Magnetic GPS?

  1. Get on a PC/Mac and go to

  2. Select IMEI/ID No login and enter your GPS ID and Password (default password: 123456)

  3.  When the GPS is correctly configured, it will display the unit locally to where you are and include GPS Model information, battery, time etc.

  4. Select the MORE button and then TARGET INFO, this will open a window with multiple info points including 'Set Timezone'

  5. Click 'Set Timezone' and adjust it to your location time, scrolling to the bottom of the window and clicking 'Save' to lock in your updated time.

  6. Log out of the WINNES App and wait 1-2 minutes for the update to poll through, then reopen and relogin your app to confirm the correct time is displayed.

I’ve completed the SMS Setup by the device is still not appearing in the WINNES App

This is very rare, but there may be a solution other than ‘not working’ for this issue!

  1. SMS the command check123456 to your device and view the responding text. After the blue highlighted ID of your device is displayed, IP Address should be listed

  2. Text the command: adminip123456 7700

  3. Text the setup commands again to complete your setup, the device should now be reconnected to the servers displaying your GPS location!