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    Product Specifications


    • Weight: .22oz
    • Charge Time: 2-4 hours
    • Record Quality: 192kbps
    • Storage Capacity: 90 hours
    • Mac or Windows Compatible
    • Battery Life Playback: 5 hours
    • Battery Life Recording: 10 hours
    • Time and Date Stamp: **Windows Only**
    • Continuous or Voice-Activated Recording
    • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x .24 x .7 inches
    • Microphone Range: 40 feet in optimal conditions
    • PC Interface: USB, Recording Format: .WAV, Memory: 8GB


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Can this device do continuous or voice-activated recording?
    A: Yes. Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here

    Q: Can the device date stamp and time stamp its recordings?
    A: Yes. Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here

    Q: Can I listen to my recordings directly from the device?
    A: Yes. It comes with its own set of headphones.

    Q: Do I need an external memory?
    A: No. The device has a built-in 8GB flash memory that can hold 90 hours' worth of recordings. 

    Q: How long does the battery last?
    A: 10 hours.

    Q: Can I download my recorded files to my computer?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How do I delete a recording I do not want on a MAC or Windows computer?
    A: Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here



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