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About Lizvie

About Lizvie

Welcome to Lizvie, your smart home technology solutions provider of innovative and state of the art smart homes. At Lizvie, we are dedicated to the idea of applying cloud technology to everyday objects and offering unique smart home solutions. That’s why our mission is to turn homes into smart, secure, and energy-efficient structures with the help of our technological solutions and dedicated customer support.

Who We Are

The founders of Lizvie are supply chain specialists, inventors, and enthusiasts of innovative technologies and customer-oriented services. Our core team members include professionals from reputable companies in the video audio and smart home markets. Our motivation lies in creating a collective mission to change how people interact with their homes with the help of smart technologies.

Our Technology

Using cloud technology as the base of our products provides the highest level of functionality and convenience.

  • Smart Clocks: Integrate simple features like time tracking with other features such as video recording and safety features.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Experience clear sound reproduction together with smart integrated features.
  • Smart Lamps: Light up your home in style while also being smart, complete with integrated cameras and other features.

Every item is developed to be singular, functional, and visually attractive. Our dedication to quality means our hardware is dependable and our software easy to use. Each of our apps is designed with a simple and intuitive navigation, which can be easily understood by people of all ages.

Our Innovations

  • IP Table Clock Camera: A small unnoticeable security system that can be installed anywhere in the house.
  • Bluetooth Speaker Camera: Ideal for individuals who wish to have fun and also feel secure.
  • Outdoor Smart Lamp Camera: Improves the safety of the outside environment by using smart lighting and surveillance.
  • Hunter/Trail Camera with AP Connection: Developed for outdoor activities lovers and safety concerns.

Our Journey

Lizvie was established in 2015 and the company has displayed its products in various expos in Hong Kong, United States, and Germany. Many clients from different parts of the world have given positive responses on our brand, thus establishing us as a prominent player in the smart home market.

Our Commitment

At Lizvie, we have a strong belief that technology has the potential of changing people’s lives for the better. We are committed to:

  • Quality: We take full responsibility for all of the products we offer and guarantee that they are of the best quality and performance.
  • Customer Service: Our customer service team is always on standby to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We guarantee to provide answers to your questions within the next 24 hours.
  • Innovation: It is the company’s policy to ensure that it introduces new and innovative products in the market to customers’ satisfaction.

Let’s Connect

Welcome to our journey, as we strive to make the world smarter, safer and more wonderful. Whether you have a special idea in your mind or what you need is a specially designed service, Lizvie offers you what you want. Get in touch with us now and learn how the smart home of the future will look like.

For further details or to contact us visit or get in touch with the support team using our email: Thank you for your interest and we are waiting for your response.

Be together with Lizvie—making the world smart, safe, and wonderful!