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    Gift List

    LIZVIE Great value gift.
    Event Description:
    You will randomly receive one of the following three options:
    1. A complimentary LIZVIE product
    2. Free coupon (30% off large amount coupon)
    3. A $20 Amazon gift card

    Participation requirements:
    You need to provide 5-star reviews from Amazon in the past 3 months to support@goodflys.com, we will review your content and reply to you within 7 working days.
    You need to provide
    1. A real email address
    2.Palpay account
    3. Amazon account
    4.Amazon order number (last 3 months)
    5. Amazon positive review screenshot (review screenshot: date + content)

    1. Orders that have participated in the campaign can not participate again.
    2. Returned orders can not participate.
    3. Orders on bad reviews replaced with positive reviews can only participate.