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Système de confinement sans fil Invisible Dog Fence

$159.99 USD Prix régulier $198.99

✅ Newest Wireless Fence System: Wireless Dog Fence System is the 2022 newest version which combines two functions: Wireless Dog Fence and Remote Training Collar into one.Adopted the newest upgraded 2.4GHz Signal Source which is much more accurate and stable than other old WIFI signal transmission.Help to train your pet and shape good habits safety.
✅ Wireless Electric Fence Mode: Under electirc fence mode, system will customize a cordless radial shaped boundary with 16 levels of distance,signal range from 30ft to 800ft. When your dog is out of range, the receiver collar will make a warning tone, and then a 3.7V low voltage mild electrostatic shock will remind your dog to go back. One transmitter can connect with several receiver collars. You do not need to manually pair them. They will be connected automatically after power on.
✅ Remote Dog Training Collar Mode: Under training collar mode, it can control 3 dogs at the same time. There are 3 functions could be chosen from the panel directly: Sound, Vibration & Shock. 9 levels of working time could be adjusted on the screen. Come with 2pcs silicone caps, if your dog is sensitive to electric shocks and has not used this training collar before, we recommend that you cover up the silicone caps to use to protect your dog's hair.
✅ IP65 Waterproof & Rechargeable: Wireless Dog Training Collar is suitable for all size of dogs (10 to 110 pounds).The collar is adjustable that can fits most sizes of Dogs.Both transmitter and receiver collar are rechargeable. Wireless Dog Boundary Receiver Collar is made of IP65 waterproof material, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain with this wireless training collar.
✅ Service & Free Warranty : We always stand by our product, we provide 30-day Money Back Policy. A free ONE YEAR warranty will be provided by registration. We are always ready to take good care of our customers and resolve issues to your satisfaction.For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.


Clôture sans fil 2 en 1 et collier de dressage à distance

Mode 1 : Clôture pour chien sans fil

  • Définissez une portée sur l'émetteur, puis placez le collier récepteur sur le cou du chien.
  • Lorsque les chiens se trouvent dans la plage de réglage, le collier ne fonctionnera pas.
  • Lorsque les chiens sont hors de la plage de réglage, le collier fonctionnera le cycle d'avertissement.
  • Le collier passera en mode veille s'il ne fonctionne pas pendant plus de 5 minutes

Mode 2 : collier de dressage à distance

En mode d'entraînement à distance, le symbole du signal cesse de clignoter. Vous pouvez appuyer sur le CH (bouton de canal) pour choisir le chien que vous entraînerez. Un émetteur peut contrôler jusqu'à 3 chiens en même temps.

Il existe 3 fonctions pour dresser les chiens : vibration, choc, son. Les vibrations et les chocs ont 9 niveaux à régler.