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Clôture GPS sans fil pour chien, système de confinement électrique pour chien, grande portée de signal jusqu'à 6560 pieds

$119.99 USD Prix régulier $149.99

✅ Newest Positioning Technology - GPS Wireless Dog Fence System adapts the newest GPS satellite positioning technology. It is much more accurate and stable compared to other traditional fences which use radio-frequency signal. The satellite positioning technology provides much better accuracy than any other similar products and a much larger signal range up to 3280ft.Our collar cannot track the actual location of the pet when leaving the boundary.
✅ Extensive Range & Adjustable Warning Strength - Our GPS Fence System can cover a range up to 3280 feet in radius and an area up to 776 acres. Its extensive range enables your dog to be trained outdoor with a safe boundary set. The warning strength can also be adjusted for three different levels of vibration and shock intensity. Its adjustable warning strength will effectively train your dog for different situations while keeping your dog from harm.
✅ Easy to Set Up & Rechargeable - GPS Wireless Dog Collar is easy to set up and it does not require any transmitter boxes or boundary wires to set up a boundary. You just need to set the radius and shock intensity level for the first time, then position the original point after every time you restart it. The wireless dog collar is rechargeable. It has a built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, which can work for 15 hours after being fully charged.
✅ Safe Design & Overcorrection Protection - Our Wireless Dog Fence System adapts the safety system which has a strong anti-interference ability. The signal will not be disturbing, and your dog will not be warned mistakenly. A warning only repeats three times if your dog keeps going beyond the set range. After that, the system will automatically turn off to keep your dog from harm and to avoid overcorrection. The beep will continue to warn if your dog is still out of the boundary.
✅ Besides its high-quality materials, our GPS Wireless Collar also enables to work in wet weather and allows your dog to get wet in the grass or play in the rain. A free 2-year warranty will be provided by registration. For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are always ready to take good care of our customers and resolve issues to your satisfaction.


Système de clôture GPS sans fil pour chiens

Le système de clôture pour chien sans fil GPS adapte la toute dernière technologie de positionnement par satellite GPS qui est beaucoup plus précise et stable.

Ne nécessite aucun boîtier émetteur ou câble de délimitation pour configurer une délimitation sans fil sécurisée.

Plage de contrôle réglable de 98 (min.) à 3280 (max.) pieds de rayon. Démarre ou s'arrête automatiquement lorsque votre chien sort ou revient dans la zone de sécurité définie.


Facile à configurer :

ÉTAPE 1 :Allumer le collier GPS

ÉTAPE 2 : appuyez longuement sur le bouton M pour rechercher le signal GPS.

ÉTAPE 3 :Le casier GPS connecté avec succès s'allume en vert.

ÉTAPE 4 :Tenez le collier en main et réglez le rayon pour tester la limite.

ÉTAPE 5 :Configurez le mode de stimulation. (Bips, vibration et choc). Appuyez sur Haut/Bas pour configurer les niveaux d'intensité. Il existe 3 niveaux d'intensité pour les vibrations et les chocs statiques, sauf la tonalité beeper.Des chiffres plus élevés indiquent des niveaux d'intensité plus élevés.