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Audio Recorder Voice Activated GSM Technolody

$269.00 USD

✅ GSM Technolody SIM Card control as 007 James Bond
✅ Voice recorder inside
✅ Records when it hears sound, up to 60 feet away
✅ 66 days of standby power.
✅ It will make a call to your phone as you instructed by phone message to start and end record. thanks to its voice-activation feature.

Easy To Use-  Real-Time Audio Active Recording


All you need is a working SIM card (Attention:Sim is not included) to insert into the It, NO installation required, then you can target Audio in real-time over the Internet.

Dial SIM card number, then you can give the device various instructions via text on the phone, the device will answer your text as the protocol, such as text you or call you when audio detected, set up the audio sensitivity degree, send you message or call you when audio activated, the device work with no light or noise, you can monitoring what's going on around the power bank silently and secretly.

The Audio Recorder With The Longest Battery Life

Need to get a conversation on tape - but not entirely sure when it will happen? Want a word-for-word record you can reference at any time or send to others? Do you need an incredibly long battery life that can last months without a charge?

If you said yes to the any of the above, especially that part about long battery life, the device Voice Activated Recorder is what we recommend.

 The Recorder Nobody Will Ever Suspect

Now that everyone's addicted to their phones,  they are everywhere! They're typically used to recharge USB-devices like phones, tablets, headphones... those kinds of things. Because they're so commonplace, nobody will ever think twice upon seeing one - which is exactly what you'd want in a covert audio recorder.

Even if someone did try to use it, it works exactly like a regular product would - it'll charge your phone. There's an expertly placed trap door covert the controls for using the audio-recording part of the device

To make things even more covert, there’s a magnet which lets you stick it under a desk or table - perfect for recording meetings or at your workspace. You could also just keep it in a bag or pocket, since it'll hear fine right through those fabrics.

 Easy Operation With Voice-Activated Recording

Imagine how you’d feel if you had one chance to get something on tape...but you forgot to press ‘record’... You’ll never have this problem with this voice activated recorder. It will automatically turn on and start recording when it hears a conversation happening (roughly 60dB, for you science nerds). Conversations can be captured clearly up to 60 feet away.

It will make a call to your phone as you instructed by phone message to start and end record. thanks to its voice-activation feature.

Extremely Long Battery Life

Wouldn't it be a disaster if the recorder ran out of batteries when you needed it the most? This recorder has such a long battery life that it isn't even a risk. It can stay in standby mode for an astonishing 66 days.

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