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Apple MFi Certified Portable Bluetooth Tracker

$15.99 USD

✅EASILY LOCATE YOUR ITEM: MiTag luggage tracker 3 pack that can easily locate your item by apple ''Find My'' app (compatible with Apple iOS ONLY), activate sounds when it's within Bluetooth Range(100m/350ft) or check recent location with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in ''Find My'' network.
✅LEFT BEHIND REMIND: You may attach this apple licensed tracker tags to anything you need to keep an eye on. When your belonging is left beyond the Bluetooth range, the item locator will send you a reminder within 10 mins (turn on the notification setting in advance) so you can go back and retrieve it.
✅WITH A FREE KEYRING INCLUDED: You can easily attach the mitag 3-pack to your keys, luggage, suitcase, handbag, backpack, wallet, dog or cat collars, and more.
✅REPLACEABLE BATTERY: The battery (CR2032) for MiTag 3-pack is the same as that for Apple Air Tag, which lasts up to 12 months. You can check the battery status in ''Find My'' app, and replace it in time. The long battery life makes sure the item tracking tag is always active to help you locate your items. (The 2 & 3 packs does not include extra battery)
✅ONE-MINUTE SETUP: Setting up and using Mitag 3-pack is as simple as Apple Air Tag, open ''Find My'' Apps and bluetooth, tap ''Add Item'' and ''Other Supported Item'', and then the pairing will be compeleted within 30 seconds.
✅IP65 Waterproof: Support Mitag lasts up to 30 minutes under water 1 meter.



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