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Wifi Power Bank - 4K 1080p Full HD Spy Camera Night Vision

$92.99 USD Regular price $119.99

✅HIGH-RESOLUTION HIDDEN RECORDING: Equipped with a Full HD 1080P 5.0 Megapixels camera, the MyHiddenEyes hidden camera charger power bank captures stunningly clear footage. You can select from multiple video resolutions, including 4K, 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 640x480. Note that the 4K and 1920x1080 settings need to be configured through the app, while the 1280x720 resolution is automatically stored on the memory card.
✅SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION AND WIDE-ANGLE LENS: With 6 high-power infrared LEDs, this spy camera power bank provides exceptional night vision up to 8 meters, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance. The 3.6mm CMOS lens with a 140-degree viewing angle captures a wide field of view, so you won't miss any details.
✅DUAL STREAM AND AUDIO SUPPORT: The power bank spy camera supports both HD and SD dual streaming, allowing you to choose the best quality for your needs. Additionally, the built-in microphone can record audio, which can be enabled through the app in compliance with local laws.
✅MOTION DETECTION AND ALERTS: Stay informed with motion detection and alarm features that send push notifications to your app and email alerts with photos. The motion detection recording of our hidden camera with sound ensures you capture any unexpected activity. Perfect to secretly boost the security in your home, office, or any room.
✅EXTENSIVE STORAGE AND CONNECTIVITY: The device supports MicroSD/TF memory cards up to 128GB (card not included), providing ample storage for recordings. It connects via 2.4GHz WiFi (not compatible with 5G networks) and is easily managed through the iOS and Android apps. The built-in 8000mAh battery ensures long-lasting performance.

The Power Bank portable security camera by MyHiddenEyes combines functionality with security, offering a discreet and efficient way to monitor your surroundings. Perfect for home security, office surveillance, or on-the-go monitoring, this small recording spy camera ensures you never miss a moment.


Key Features:

High Resolution Full HD 1080P 5.0 Megapixels Camera: Capture crystal-clear footage with a high-definition camera that delivers exceptional image quality.

Multiple Video Resolutions: Choose from 4K, 1920x1080, 1280x720, or 640x480. Note: 4K/1920x1080 must be set in the app, while 1280x720 is automatically stored on the memory card.

Dual Stream Capability: Stream videos in both HD and SD, ensuring you have the best quality available for your needs.

Advanced Night Vision: Equipped with 6 high-power infrared LEDs, this power bank camera provides clear night vision up to 8 meters.

Wide-Angle Lens: The 3.6mm CMOS lens offers a 140-degree viewing angle, ensuring a broad and comprehensive field of view.


Additional Features:

Audio Support: Built-in microphone with the option to enable audio recording via the app, subject to local laws.

MicroSD/TF Card Recording: Supports up to 128GB for recording and playback, offering ample storage for your footage (memory card not included).

Motion Detection and Alerts: Receive push notifications and email alerts with photos when motion is detected, ensuring you are always aware of any activity.

WiFi Connectivity: Supports 2.4GHz WiFi frequency, compatible with most standard routers (does not support 5G).

Mobile App: Easily download and manage recordings through the iOS and Android apps.

Built-in Battery: Powered by an 8000mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Ensure your security with the Power Bank Hidden Camera, the perfect blend of technology and convenience for peace of mind.