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    GF09 Mini GPS Tracker Microphone haute définition anti-perte

    $35.99 USD Prix régulier $45.99

    ⭐Utilizes GPS tracker recording and sound monitoring for optimal security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, and emergency alarms.

    ⭐Can be used to track vehicles, kids, spouses, elderly persons, or assets, supports remote control of mobile phones for added convenience.

    ⭐Extremely easy to use with no installation required - simply insert a working SIM card (not included) into the car tracker to begin utilizing all features.

    ⭐Allows for real-time positioning and mapping using Google Maps, features silent and secretive monitoring with no light or noise to keep unwanted attention away.

    ⭐The tracker is super small and light with two powerful magnets inside, making it easy to attach to vehicles securely. Can be used anywhere in the world.

    Compatibilité : Voiture, Moto

    Ttype : Traqueur GPS

    Modèle : Série 3, GLC

    Véhicule et marque compatibles : Volkswagen, Volvo , Universel, Maserati,  Hummer, Audi, BMW , Buick, Chevrolet,  Ford, Honda, Benz , Suzuki, Toyota

    Poids d'expédition (kg) : 0,09

    Instructions : Anglais