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    Bouton de porte de pratique de verrouillage de cadenas transparent

    $49.99 USD Prix régulier $59.99

    ✅ The Transparent Padlock is a lock made of clear plastic, allowing users to see the internal mechanisms and learn how locks work.
    ✅ It is commonly used as an educational tool for professional, hobbyists, and anyone interested in understanding the basics of lock.
    ✅ The padlock comes with a set of keys and can be opened using traditional methods, such as using a key.
    ✅ Users should keep in mind that the Transparent Padlock is not intended for use as a security device and should not be relied upon to secure valuable items or property.
    ✅ Package include: 3 locks and 3 keys

    Il s'agit d'une serrure d'entraînement en plastique transparent de haute qualité (style bouton de porte/pêne dormant). Vous pouvez voir TOUTES les pièces à l'intérieur de la serrure, et vous pouvez voir les goupilles bouger lorsque vous insérez des pics ou des clés, etc.