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    Anti Hidden Camera Detector Spy Camera Finder Personal Emergency Safe Sound Alarm

    $39.99 USD Precio habitual $49.99

    ◉【Detector Protects Your Privacy】This anti-spy camera detector keeps you far from eavesdropping and video recording.
    ◉【One-click defense】As long as you turn on this camera detector, you can easily find the danger hiding in the corner.
    ◉【Portable Size】This Hidden Camera Detector only weighs 1.5 oz (about 31.8 g), it is easy to carry and store in handbags, purses, pockets and suitcases.
    ◉【Detection and alarm function】When used as a personal security alarm, it can be installed in the door and window box. Even at a long distance, it will sound a loud alarm when detect a shock. The hidden camera detectors can effectively scare away dangerous attackers, help you discover invisible threats, and protect your privacy.
    ◉【Personal Anti-Spy Detector】The detector find spy camera so easy in hotels or other locations. An grest tool that allows you to ensure that you are not being monitored or recorded.

    Expose a potential third eye

    The detector adopts LED infrared physical laser scanning technology, emits infrared rays, and scans the hidden camera through the dual functions of the refraction of the camera glass mirror and the filtering of complex light by color filters.

    Hidden Camera Detector

    Detect cameras while in hotels or safe camping. Place detectors on doors to prevent items from being lost and stolen - in airports, stations, restaurants and other places with high traffic, turn on the displacement alarm function, and place camera detectors on luggage or other items